What to avoid when you jailbreak 3gs iPhones

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Unlocked iPhone - Jailbreak 3GSAs I have my research regarding this jailbreak 3gs thing in the iPhone. I read a review where in they warn the users to avoid something that will broke their software. And for those who do not know what are the things to avoid when using this application you better read this whole article from my collection of research to avoid the possible complications that may occur when using
this application incorrectly. Just like what happen to the guy that was reported in the internet who unlocks his iPhone while jailbreaking resulting it to broke jailbroken.

He was actually using Pwnage Tool 4.2, Universal Ramdisk Fixes, unofficial custom bundles and tetheredboot utility. The owner of the software warns him not to unlock their iPhone to avoid upgrading iOS 4.2 to iOS 4.3 until the official jailbreaking tools will be released but still stubborn headed cannot
be avoided. Jailbreaks 3GS are very useful in term of upbringing your device into a cool one. But you must be considerate enough when using this application. Things won’t happen in a simple way just what you want if you won’t listen to some advices. As the time the owner of the software will give you a point to ponder regarding this matter you must take it seriously
because you are not just taking the risk of your item but the money you spent with it also.

Talking abut the iOS 4.3 it comes from the Apple’s achievement of address space layout randomization or the ASLR. This is their new software that will block up the time the mobile is started working with the application. So you will need to have a new mobile substrate in order for you to still have access in using your favorite tweaks like folder enhancer, sbsettings, winterboard, bitesms, etc. This will also make it more complicated for you to make use of the accessibility when using jailbreak 3G. That is why you should avoid iOS 4.3 until an “official” jailbreak that is specific for this application is released.

But don’t worry about this ASLR because software owners will surely make a way on how to take this difficult thing turn into a simple one. Just wait when will be the jailbreaks for iOS 4.3 will be released, I heard it will be
up to the site this 11th day of March. This warning is applicable not just in 3GS, 3G iPhone but also in iPod Touch and iPad users. Some other software application team doesn’t have fixed date for when they are going to release their updated tools like Greenpoison, PwnageTool, and Snowbreeze for iOS 4.3. But don’t get disappointed, they will let you know if there are any
update regarding this new tool for iOS 4.3, just visit every website you know that are soon be releasing. Keep yourself updated by reading their news feed everyday, so you won’t get behind from any updates that they will soon be announce. That’s it just take the advice and you won’t fall into disappointment.

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