The Deluxe Apple IPhone

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Deluxe iPhoneIt cannot be disclaimed that status is everything in this modern age. Besides the housing and jewelry, technological devices are also things that can correspond to a personโ€™s status. One technological device that is becoming a status symbol is the Apple iPhone. It becomes necessary to have one by the social pressure. This device has become must-have for the sake of reputation though it may not exactly be compulsory. (Although, as I state elsewhere on this website, learning how to jailbreak 3GS phones SHOULD be compulsory!)

When talk about the Apple iPhone first began to circulate all over the technological world, it was nominated as one of the biggest must-haves of 2007. When it became a reality, once Apple set a release date, it was already sold-out. From pre-orders and online sales to on-sight, the first shipment of iPhones was gone before anyone had the chance to discern or decide whether it was value the hundreds of dollars or not.

At any rate, there is a doubt whether Apple iPhone value as its price tag or it just another achievement for its marketing as well as advertising. Only time that can answer. Thus far, Apple iPhone has been met with mixed reviews, though a few consumers live and die by the gadget.

Behind the Name

As a brand name, Apple has turned into a staple of technology. From the iMac to the iPod, it is the top achievement of multimedia devices. In a sense, it is not worth buying an mp3 player except it is an iPod, or a laptop unless it is a PowerBook. While the prices of Apple devices are steep, the company seems to defend the price. Cheaper devices hardly ever do well in the face of Apple products, and costumers are eager to dig hundreds more for one of the items.

This is due in part to Appleโ€™s marketing, but also to its trustworthyiness. The company has proven that its products are durable and enduring using several testing devices like RF signal generators and arbitrary waveform generator. For a costumer, this means that purchasing Apple promises only the best.

So, what about the Apple iPhone? While it is a technological wonder, combining an iPod, internet browser and cell phone at the same time in a sleek, sexy package with a touch screen as well as virtual keyboard that makes geeks drool, it is expensive and frequently, redundant. For those who already own an iPod as well as a cell phone, not much else is gained with the Apple iPhone save the expendiency of having it all in one place.

In 2007, Apple iPhone was nominated as the best invention. Thus, Apple made the consumers who actually donโ€™t have need of it just had to buy it to save their statuses. Apple has verified that anything it releases is golden, and at any time it is time to purchase a new technological gadget its products stay on the top of list.


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