Seeing That “Zombies” Roam The Streets Of London, The Need For Mobile Phone Insurance Accelerates.

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Jailbreak 3GS ZombiesYup, you read it right. Not just can you watch zombies lurking in the night to devour their victim in movies, real life zombies are walking in broad day light right smack in the middle of greater London and now have created many problems in accidents as well as other kinds of petty offences that if accumulated, will definitely cost hundreds of thousand of pounds if annually. However these modern age zombies don’t eat humans alive.

Even though they often behave like zombies because every time they are using their mobile phones (that they’ve done a jailbreak 3gs on)  in public while walking and also driving, almost all their interest is compromised and they become oblivious to the world around them. This particular response has been discovered by lots of people and research is really being done to know its impact on contemporary society and behavior as a whole. City officers are now brewing strict laws against people using their mobile phones while walking, like the law that discourages people from using their phones while driving. Almost 45% of accidents last year were connected to people’s attention being compromised while driving.

The same phenomenon is now transpiring in the street as pedestrians walk and use their cell phones. Just stand in a corner and observe this trend as hundreds of people walk by looking down at their mobile phones texting or calling at the same time and it is like seeing a flock of zombies indeed.

Mobile phone zombies that is. With this trend, the real need for mobile phone insurance is definitely on the rise as many people discover it a necessity to take a business call even in the middle of the road. Many people inquired regarding our comprehensive mobile insurance and asked if it will be able to cover their mobile phone for loss and theft. Indeed our comprehensive phone insurance cover these incidents yet still right now there are procedures to what will insure. Besides, obtaining insurance no matter how good and broad probably should not give people the excuse to be reckless and stupid.

As you read this article, laws are being created to handle this zombie movement and to apply strict charges for those who will breach them. If a particular person loses his mobile device in the heart of the street because of carelessness, no one will have the condition but the owner. But if lots of people are doing this all at the same time, it will attract robbers and crooks in the city thinking that it is haven of reckless people where anyone could possibly just grab their cell phones right from their fingers and they would not possibly even find out what hit them.


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