How to Jailbreak Your 3GS

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iPhone 3GS JailbreakDid you heard about jailbreaking of iPhone or iPod? If not, then I will tell you. Jailbreaking is the process where in you are allowed to run any codes to your iPhone or iPod device that only Apple Company can do such things. Your iPhone will be free from any limitations that were program by the AT&T and Apple Company. I know that people in today’s generation are always looking for the satisfaction of every product that they are using, because of the fact that they can’t be easily satisfied, especially young ones
that curiosity is their main thoughts they will surely look for more if there is the possibility. That is why jailbreaking comes out to break the limitations that are the hindrance to the young ones. But wait, do you know how to jailbreaks 3gs, iPhone, or iPod? If not, then better read this whole article for you to have an idea on how to jailbreak 3g.

To start with I have to explain here first what maybe the possible reasons why you have to jailbreaks
your device. If you did try to explore your device and accidentally or not knowing that you upgraded
your iPhone OS 3.1.3 or 3.1.3 and then get stuck with out knowing what to do. Or if you are not satisfied
with the performance of your 3gs and you want to experience more something with your device
then jailbreaking is the answer. You have to use of a specific software tool that you are going to use
in jailbreaking. Sprint jailbreak tool is one of the software that could jailbreak stock iPhone OS 3.1.3
including iPod touch 3g. But this software has weakness also; it cannot be activated once your iPhone is
in the lock mode. I will still tell how to use this Sprint jailbreak tool.

First, you have to look for the Spirit jailbreak and have it download in your system. And you should
also have iTunes installed this will help you in using the jailbreak software. Then connect your iPhone
3G 3.1.3 or iPhone 3GS 3.1.3 in your computer. Let the Spirit jailbreak software runs in your system.
Now you will see a jailbreak button at the center of your screen, click it. If you are using Windows 7 or
commonly known as the Windows Vista you better make sure that your Spirit jailbreak tool will run in
Windows 98 compatibility mode. Then wait for the Spirit jailbreak tool to complete the process, it will
only takes a minute or two. Your iPhone will automatically rebooted once the “Jailbreak Complete”
message will appear in your screen, click on the “quite” button to exit the message. And that’s it, you
have successfully jailbreak 3gs. For more information search for the other application that you can use
in jailbreaking your iPhone to give you additional information that you can use in the future problem
that may occur. We don’t have any responsibility if your iPhone turns into unusable by trying this
application; you have to take the risk you want unlimited features of your iPhone.

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