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10 Great Cydia Tweaks for your iPhone 3G/3Gs 2011

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Do you own an iPhone and wanted it to become the best, if not standout, from the rest of your friends who also own an iPhone? Cydia applications are basically apps you can only use after you jailbreak 3G iPhones. They’ve become even more popular recently after the US government declared all jailbreak software is legal.

Want to learn more about Jailbreaking your phone so you can use Cydia apps? Check out Unlock Easy or read my review of the top 3 programs to jailbreak iPhone 3G / 3GS.

So if you are wondering what are the best Cydia tweaks for your iPhone in 2011, here are the top  apps in my opinion:

1. 3D Board –
Want a 3D effect on your phone without using 3D glasses? Enter 3DBoard! This tweak offers just the thing you are looking for giving your wallpaper the 3D effect as it moves in the background while you move your mobile device. This is designed by Chris Simson and costs $2.99.

2. Attachment Saver –

Are you always on the go and find it hassling to deal with mail attachments and how to get them to your laptop? The attachment saver does just that. Save all of your attachments directly from your anytime and anywhere you may be. This is designed by Youssef Francis and costs $3.00.

3. iFile –

Do you want to make your smart phone even smarter and be the envy of your friends? Try the iFile application now- it is the best file browser for your iPhone as you can browse, delete, copy, cut, paste, add new folders, change access permissions, rename, archive any file, share your pictures and other downloads through this amazing application. This is designed by Carsten Heinelt and costs $4.00.

4. Lockdown Pro –

If you’re a private person and just want to keep your phone as private as you, well the Lockdown Pro is the father of all the locking tools there is existent. It lets you lock apps and folders while also giving you the option to set customary passwords for each app as you wish or just simply set a master password for all the applications. And if you are scared of forgetting the password, there is a secret word that you can choose to help you reset your password. It is easy, simple, and handy. This is designed by ipodtouchmaster and costs $2.99.

5. MultiFlow –

Having a hard time switching from one application to another when you simply want to close the running ones and open a new one? This app shows up to nine running applications in one nice Graphic user interface screen so you can quickly jump from one to the other – closing the unnecessary ones or opening new ones. This is designed by Aaron Ash and costs $4.00.

No cash? Tweaks 6-10 are free:

6. Activator –

This can be your newest best friend. With this application, you can play or pause music, launch applications, respring your phone, lock or unlock your device, double click the “Home” button, and even personalize your very own gestures that you will to add to make browsing faster. It does not stop there! You can also replace specific default gestures with your own. Isn’t that cool? This is designed by Ryan Petrich and all for the price of nothing.

7. Covert –

Do you wish to hide a few things from others while browsing through your phone? Covert is the way to do it. With this application, private browsing has never been so easy! This tweak protects your privacy and whatnot. This is designed by chpwn and is free of charge.

8. Cydelete –

Want to delete apps without the trouble of unlocking your phone going into Cydia and finding the source? This application lets you delete any Cydia tweak directly from your Home screen. All you have to do is hold the icons until they begin wiggling and an “X” mark appears on your screen. Lesser hassle than visiting Cydia and deleting those apps. This is designed by Dustin Howett.

9. No more Bookmarks-

Have bookmarks always bugged you every time you open and browse through Safari? You’re probably not the only one. Now, that agitation will exist no more as this can let you choose when your Bookmarks page will appear. No need for further configurations, this app works like magic. This is designed by chpwn.

10. SBSettings-

The last but definitely not the least, this classic Cydia tweak is definitely one of the must-haves for your iPhone. It lets you put the most recently used settings and applications in on place, minimizing the trouble of having to perform a series of swipes and taps just to be able to be in the right place. You can even choose to configure the gesture to suit your own since this app is compatible with the Activator application. With this application, you are able to change the brightness, toggle your WiFi on or off, turn your 3G and Bluetooth on or off and add more options for yourself. This is the multi-in-one application you must have. This is designed by BigBoss.

Checkout the above mentioned apps and more at Cydia. They’re all cool ways to make your apple device work better. If you haven’t jailbroken your phone yet, what are you waiting for? 🙂 Check out Unlock Easy. Hooray!

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