Top 3 Places Online to Jailbreak 3G/3GS iPhones

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Hey fellow travellers! Today I want to talk about the best iPhone 3G and 3Gs jailbreak sites I’ve found.

All of the following programs will jailbreak your iPhone 3G/s without you have to do anything. They’re always updated for the latest iOS and baseband version. These Jailbreaks work not only on iPhone 3G/S – but on all other iDevices –iPads , other iPhone versions, and iPod Touch’s.

Jailbreak 3G Cases

For all the programs I cover here, the actual process to follow is very easy – you run the install file and then follow the picture guide step by step. In case you’re having any issues at any step, you get in touch with their support staff which walk you through the solution . Nice! My 2 cents -if you’re looking to jailbreak your iPhone 3g/s – don’t try to be a hacker, leave that to crazy nerdy kids. When I think about doing the jailbreaking myself, I worry too much about bricking my iPhone (which means rendering it useless)… Plus I like it when a program does the work for me automagically haha. So with the following, get the right program and you can finish the job in under 5 minutes, no headaches. I’ll start with what I consider the best and move down from that:

1) iJailbreak Pro

I only found this jailbreak recently. This has to be seen to be believed really – the app is incredibly simple, and the support crew is great. I personally used it with 5 friends with a 3GS iPhone and another 2 with the older 3G model. I also jailbroke my own iPad and my newly purchased iPhone 4S! It all went completely smoothly with no glitches or issues. After installation, the jailbreaking and unlocking take roughly 4 minutes from start to end. You just press the “run” button and off it goes. If you go and make yourself a cup of coffee, it’ll be ready by the time you come back.

One important thing to mention is that this jailbreaking program does what’s called a complete jailbreak (also known as a jailbreak and unlock). A few of the other programs I’ve used don’t do that. Basically – jailbreaking means you could install apps Apple didn’t authorize onto it (as well as some other things like download apps that are on the app store without paying for them). Unlocking your iPhone means you could change the sim card to a different carrier – even if you’re still on a contract. Really useful if you want to go overseas for example!

iJailbreak Pro allows for payment through PayPal, which means you can relax. They have a 30 day money back guarantee policy – no questions asked. I sort of like that the owner of Jailbreak Pro is just a nice guy who likes helping people liberating their iPhones. That means their support staff is quick and responsive to questions. The instructions for doing the jailbreak were easy to follow, the price was reasonable and even cheaper than the other options. These guys are the cream of the crop – without costing more. In total – good price, a quick program that works fast, nothing to complain about – I rank them 9.5/10 (“only God gets a 10/10”, my primary school teacher used to say). Click here to check out their site now.

2) Jailbreak Unlock
This is another jailbreak program I used and think is OK. It used to be my favourite before I found iJailbreak Pro, so I should include that as an option here. The way you do the jailbreak with this process is a bit lengthier and clocks at around 15 minutes. I had 2 issues using this program. The first one was their support crew. It takes longer to get your support issues answered because they don’t have support chat or via phone so your only option is e-mail. You’ll get answers after 24-48 hours, but to me that’s still annoying – especially if you need your iPhone to work ASAP (I’m addicted to mine and so are most people!). The other thing is that they only offer a jailbreak (no unlock) – so you get stuck with your carrier.

It’s not a bad jailbreaking program, and if iJailbreak Pro is down and you really want to jailbreak your 3G iphone – it’s probably going to work. On the plus side the instructions are easy to understand and follow, and the program works quite smoothly. Overall I’d rate it 7/10. Click here to check out their site.

3)iJailbreak Tool (UPDATE: iJailbreakTool is out of business and not selling anymore!)

This app is OK, nothing amazing. Their jailbreak works, and that’s about as much good I can say about it – that still makes it better than some fake stuff out there that doesn’t work at all.

The jailbreak took around 30 minutes, plus their instructions weren’t very clear (I think they were written by a non-English speaker). I got confused and had some scary moment… It ended out OK, but they still lose points for those crappy instructions. The price was a little expensive, and customer service was OK – only a phone number to call (which was in India!). Overall I rank it 5/10

That’s all for this review. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your new iPhone liberties!

Tristan Clark

Photo courtesy of InCase


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